Emirates Draw Login

Emirates Draw is one of the leading online lottery platforms that accept players from all corners of the world. Upon settling at Emirates Draw, players can enjoy all sorts of lottery games which include the Fast 5, Mega 7 and Easy 6. With entries for the lottery games pegged at as low as AED 15 while potential jackpot prizes reach as high as AED 15,000,000, Emirates Draw really is the place to be for all lottery lovers. 

To enjoy all the lottery games offered at Emirates Draw, you first need to be a registered member and secondly, you need to access your account portal. If you don’t know how to go about this, you need not worry as this guide will illustrate all the steps to follow in setting up your account and accessing your account portal. Note that the steps outlined in this guide apply both to players using desktop devices as well as those using mobile devices. 

How to Register at Emirates Draw 

  1. The first step entails visiting the official website available at https://emiratesdraw.com/
  2. When the landing page emerges, navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click on the icon depicting three horizontally stacked lines 
  3. From the drop-down list that emerges, click the ‘Register’ button 
  4. On the registration page, input your full name, mobile phone number, and email address, and choose your preferred password. Note that if you are having a hard time picking a strong and secure password, you can make use of the ‘Suggest Password’ tab so that a random password is automatically created for you
  5. Click the ‘Next’ button 
  6. An activation code will instantly be sent to the mobile phone number you registered. Copy the code and input it on the registration form to authenticate your identity and complete the registration process. In doing this, you become Emirates Draw’s newest member.  

How to Log In to Emirates Draw 

The registration process at Emirates Draw is just a one-time thing. After registering your account, all you need in future to access it is to undertake the login process to Emirates Draw. In as much as the registration process above is pretty simple, straightforward and easy, you will find that the login process is even simpler and easier. Below we illustrate all the steps you need to follow in accessing your account portal. 

  1. Launch the official website at https://emiratesdraw.com/
  2. Navigate to the top part of the screen and click the three horizontally stacked lines icon 
  3. From the drop-down list that emerges, click the ‘Sign In’ button 
  4. On the new page that emerges, input your username/email address/mobile phone number as well as your password 
  5. Click the ‘Login’ button to instantly access your account portal. 

*Note that for the login process, you may be prompted by the web browser you are using to save your security credentials (username and password). If you opt for this, you won’t need to go through the login process the next time/s you want to access your account. Rather, by inputting the Emirates Draw URL or simply clicking the Emirates Draw link from the web browser, you will automatically be redirected to your account portal. Such great convenience isn’t it? Well, as a word of advice, only opt for this if the device you are using is yours and if it’s the same one that you intend to use for all future logins. 

How to do a Password Reset 

It’s possible that at times, your mind may play games with you hence leading you to forget important stuff such as your security credentials be it the password or username. More so, if you use the ‘Suggest Password’ option during the registration and fail to record it down somewhere, it may quickly slip out of your mind. Worry not however if such a thing happens. This is necessitated by the fact that you can quickly recover it. the steps to follow if you want to recover your account are as follows: 

  1. Launch the official website at https://emiratesdraw.com/
  2. Navigate to the top part of the screen and click the three horizontally stacked lines icon 
  3. From the drop-down list that emerges, click the ‘Sign In’ button 
  4. On the new page that emerges, depending on what you want to recover between the password and the username, click the appropriate button between the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ or ‘FORGOT USERNAME’ buttons 
  5. Clicking the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ button will reveal a new page where you need to input your email address or mobile phone number (whichever you prefer). Once done, click the ‘Send Instructions’ button. if you click the ‘FORGOT USERNAME’ button, you will need to input your full name and email address/mobile phone number. Afterwards, click the ‘Send My Username’ button 
  6. Upon clicking the ‘Send Instructions’ button, you will receive instructions on what you need to do to complete the process. Likewise, clicking the ‘Send My Username’ button will see you instantly get your username back. 

*Note that upon completing this process, an opportunity is presented to change and pick a new password/username. You may use this opportunity to pick easier-to-remember security credentials

Emirates Draw Log-In FAQ

Q1. Are my personal details which I share with Emirates Draw during the registration process secure? 

Every effort has been made to ensure that your data is protected. Both our website and mobile app have state-of-the-art data security in place, and we comply with international data protection standards. 

Q2. Does Emirates Draw share any of my data with any third parties? 

Yes, Emirates Draw do share your details but only with approved third-party service providers. We only share what information they need to do their job as a minimum.