Big Ticket Lotto

Big Ticket UAE is a big lotto game that’s available to all lotto lovers from across the world. Though available to all players from every corner of the world, Big Ticket originates from the UAE. As such, all players who start playing the game ought to note that when it comes to purchases as well as redeeming prizes, they will do so in the UAE currency. The main competitors in the UAE include Mahzooz, Go Win and Little Draw, with the most popular game at the moment being the Go Win Super 6.

Since 1992 when the Big Ticket UAE lotto was launched, millions of lives have been transformed – positively of course – by the game. some have won huge jackpot prizes while others have managed to drive away in their dream cars! Some benefited from luxurious apartments while others got once in a lifetime opportunity to visit top global tourist destinations! As such, whatever you are looking for among the finer things in life, Big Ticket is a game that gives you a chance to turn dreams into reality. If you are looking to scoop the Big Ticket jackpot, all you need is to continue reading this guide as it exposes all there is to know about the lotto game. 

Big Ticket Draws

All players who are eager to play the Big Ticket lotto game have to choose the type of draw they want. There are two options to choose from which are as follows: 

  • Guaranteed Cash Draw: The first draw is the Guaranteed Cash Draw. This is a lotto game which allows players to win monetary rewards if their predictions are correct. the task when playing the game is to pick lucky numbers. The game is however unique in that it requires players to use their real names as it is these names which are used as identifiers when winners emerge. The draw for the Guaranteed Cash Draw is conducted every month. 
  • Dream Car Draw: Since the inception of this game, many players have won their dream cars. Those who don’t want or prefer to partake in both the Guaranteed Cash Draw as well as the Dream Car Draw can freely do so. Simply pick the lucky numbers and if they match, you win the dream car. The draw for this Dream Car Draw is conducted every two months. 

Ticket Costs 

The cheaper ticket for the Big Ticket costs AED150 and it’s for the Dream Car Draw. Players who would want to play the Guaranteed Cash Draw will purchase their ticket for AED500. However, note that there is a promotion currently undergoing which allows players who purchase two tickets at once for the Guaranteed Cash Draw to receive one extra ticket for free. Players ought to note that there isn’t any limit as to the number of tickets they can purchase each month. Moreover, the higher the number of entries, the higher the probability of winning. 

Payment Methods 

As alluded to before, the Big Ticket lotto game is available to all players from across the world. As such, some flexible payment methods have been put in place to ensure that everyone can readily find a payment method to load up his/her account. A high number of top credit/debit cards are accepted. Online tickets can be bought at any time at Players also ought to note that they can purchase tickets in person using cash at Abu Dhabi International Airport or Al Ain Duty-Free. 

Big Ticket Live Draws 

All players who have played the game can check to see if they are winners or not every 3rd day of the new month. While physical live draws have been a thing since the game’s inception, the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has put a temporary halt to them. However, players can still tune in live via online platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. For the exact times of the draws, players are advised to regularly check the Big Ticket online platforms. 

Big Ticket Prizes 

The jackpot prizes for the Big Ticket have been increasing progressively since the game’s inception. In 1992, jackpot winners in the Guaranteed Cash Draw won AED1 million. However, today, jackpot winners scoop up to AED30 million. For the Dream Car Draw, the top prize is, of course, a luxurious car. The car up for grabs for May 2023 Dream Car Draw is a Maserati Ghibli while that for the June 2023 draw is a Range Rover Velar. At times, players also stand a chance of winning apartments, and holiday packages among other exclusive packages. 

Big Ticket Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I contact Big Ticket customer service? 

To contact Big Ticket customer service, you can email customer service at or call +971 (0) 2201 9244.

  • How do I register for Big Ticket? 

You can register via the Big Ticket website by providing your valid passport or Emirates ID. 

  • What’s the minimum age required for one to register an account at Big Ticket?

The minimum age required for one to register an account at Big Ticket is 18.