Mahzooz UAE

Mahzooz AE Overview 

Mahzooz is UAE’s own lottery game. Mahzooz is a weekly lottery game that is open to all players both those residing within the confines of the UAE borders as well as those living beyond. The lottery game offers players the chance to win millions of dirhams – UAE’s official currency. 

The beauty of Mahzooz is that it’s not all about affording players the chance to win millions. Rather, it also shares loads of its profits with the underprivileged in the community. It’s safe to say that Mahzooz has a human side to it. Individual players also add to the good cause by purchasing water bottle on the official site – which happens to be the lotto ticket (more on this below). For every bottle that players purchase, a portion of the purchase amount is donated and channelled through Mahzooz’s partners to hydrate those in need. Although Mahzooz is very popular, the other draw games are equally, such as Go Win Super 6, and Go Win Fun 4, or Emirates Draw Easy 6.

When looking to access the official Mahzooz site available at, players ought to note that they can do so either in English or several other languages from Asia Pacific region. See our Mahzooz Login Guide and Mahzooz Mobile App.

Mahzooz Registration Process 

Mahzooz AE is open to all players from around the globe but before players can start picking their lucky numbers, the first thing they need to do is to register an account. Setting up one’s account at Mahzooz isn’t complex at all. All that players need to do is to follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Launch the official site available at either from a desktop browser or mobile browser 
  2. On the landing page, head over to the menu bar and click on the ‘Create Account’ button 
  3. You will be redirected to the registration page where on the first tab, you are instructed to share a valid mobile phone number (this is the number that’s used to contact winners hence you need to ensure that it’s correct – you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of scooping millions simply because you shared a fake mobile phone number). 
  4. Clicking the ‘Send’ button takes you to the second tab where you need to input your first name, middle and last name, date of birth, nationality, country of residence and town/city 
  5. Clicking the ‘Next’ button takes you to the third tab where you need to choose your preferred username, and password as well as share your email address. Its also on this page that you need to confirm your age, go through the terms and conditions as well as choose the marketing materials you prefer receiving
  6. After satisfying the above, click the orange CREATE ACCOUNT button and your account is set up 
  7. Note that you will be redirected to the fourth tab after clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button. On the fourth tab, you get the chance to link your credit card which you will use for all transactions. If you prefer to do this step later on, it’s possible to put it on hold. Bear in mind that at this juncture, your account is already up hence you no longer need to undertake the registration process once more the next time you want to link your credit card rather, you will just start at this step. 

Other countries you can play Mahzooz:

Mahzooz Draw Games on Offer 

At Mahzooz AE, there are two games that players enjoy. The beauty of these games however is that they have one direct entry. One single ticket which you purchase gives you the room to play both games at once. The two games we are talking about are as follows: 

  • Fantastic Friday: Mahzooz Fantastic Friday is a 6/39 lotto game. On one line, players are required to pick their six lucky numbers from the 39 presented. A top prize of AED 10 million is awarded for getting all six numbers correct. However, those who fall short by just one or two numbers are eligible for consolation prizes. Players ought to note that it’s possible to play multiple lines at once. 
  • Super Saturday: Mahzooz Super Saturday is a 5/49 game. This, therefore, means on each line; players are required to pick their 5 lucky numbers from the 49 presented. The top prize for getting all 5 numbers correct is AED 10 million. However, those who fall narrowly short do benefit from consolation prizes. Players can play more than one line at once. 

Mahzooz Draws

The two games offered at Mahzooz do have weekly draws. The draw for the Fantastic Friday game is done every Friday while that for the Super Saturday is conducted every Saturday. The beauty of the draws at Mahzooz is that they are broadcast live and hence can be streamed in real-time on the official site. 

How to Deposit on Mahzooz 

Before we start talking about the deposit options at Mahzooz, we want to share this important info with all players. At Mahzooz, all players who want to enter the lotto draws are required to purchase one or more water bottles. The water bottles they purchase won’t be delivered to them but rather, they are donated and channelled through Mahzooz’s partners to those in need. What players get in return for purchasing the water bottles is direct entry to both the Fantastic Friday and Super Saturday games. Each water bottle costs AED 35 and it guarantees players one entry into both games. Players can purchase more than one water bottle however if they want to gain multiple entries into both games. 

Now, coming over to the deposit options front, players ought to note that they can link their credit card during the registration page or later on. Those who want to link the credit card during the registration process will do so on the fourth tab as reflected in the registration guide above. Those who prefer doing the process later on will need to follow the steps outlined below. 

  • Access your account
  • Go to ‘Balance Summary’ under ‘My Account’ and click ‘Add Credit’ 
  • Enter the amount of credit you want to deposit 
  • Select your preferred payment method or simply pick from previously used cards 
  • For those using a new card, fill in the card details 
  • Click ‘Pay Now’ to complete the transaction 
  • Once you receive a confirmation via email or SMS, know that the transaction was successful hence you can start purchasing your tickets. 

It’s important to note that players also do have the option of depositing in person at Mahzooz kiosks or stores. At the footer tab of the official site, players will find links to both kiosks or stores nearest to them that they can visit to deposit funds.  


Both the Fantastic Friday and the Super Saturday games do have a top grand prize of AED 10 million. However, consolation prizes are also awarded to those who narrowly fall short of getting all numbers correct in both games. Consolation prizes aren’t static as the top prize. Rather, they fluctuate depending on the number of contestants who are eligible to receive a portion of the consolation prize. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1. Which customer support platforms can I use at Mahzooz? 

Those looking to get in touch with the Mahzooz customer support agents can do so on any of the following platforms: UAE toll-free at 800 5825 or international line at +971 4 588 0100 or email at

Q2. Does Mahzooz have a mobile app? 

Currently, the mobile app for Mahzooz is compatible with iOS devices only. The app can be downloaded from the App Store directly. 

Q3. What is the highest amount of tickets (water bottles) I can purchase at once? 

Players can purchase up to AED 10,500 or products worth AED 10,500 per transaction.