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Play the best and most entertaining draw games in the UAE. Here you can find details on Mahzooz, Little Draw, GoWin UAE and Emirates Draw.

Go Win UAE

Go Win UAE is one of the most popular online lotteries in the UAE. This lotto is unique in that it allows all participants to engage in a good cause by purchasing handy stuff which include pens. Purchasing the handy stuff will guarantee players entry into the platform’s numerous lottery games. 


Mahzooz is UAE’s own lottery game. Mahzooz is a weekly lottery game that is open to all players both those residing within the confines of the UAE borders as well as those living beyond. The lottery game offers players the chance to win millions of dirhams – UAE’s official currency. See how to Log in with our Mahzooz Login Guide.

Fantastic Friday - 03/06/2023

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Super Saturday - 03/06/2023

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Emirates Draw

Of all the lotteries that operate in UAE, there isn’t anyone that rivals the Emirates Draw when it comes to the probable payouts that players stand to win when they get their lucky numbers correct. Players depending on how lady luck smiles on them stand a chance of winning as high as AED 100 million! Do you want to become an instant millionaire? If yes, then Emirates Draw lotto is the perfect game for you. 

Little Draw UAE

Little Draw is a lottery game in UAE which prides itself in offering the “biggest prize for its category” among all other lotteries in the region. Furthermore, it prides itself in offering players the “highest chance of winning” in the whole of UAE. How far true is this? Well, this is what we put to the test in this Little Draw UAE review.  

Big Sharq

Big Sharq is UAE’s leading raffle game. Enjoyed by millions from within the UAE borders and beyond, Big Sharq produces big winners frequently. When we talk about frequently, we aren’t talking about yearly winners, no. Rather, we are talking about monthly winners! Enter the raffle draw and stand a chance to be one of the lucky weekly winners.


Lottochi is one of the most recognised lotto games in the Middle East.


What makes Idealz great arent the cool products it sells. Rather, it’s the mere fact that with each purchase you make – no matter how big or small – you get a free raffle ticket. The ticket you get will allow you to enter the next draw. Note that the raffle ticket you get determines the draw you enter. The bigger the product you purchase, the more lucrative draw you enter.

O Millionaire

Before we go into much detail about how O! Millionaire operates and how you can enter the next draw to stand a chance of winning, there is one interesting fact we want to share. O! Millionaire is not just a lotto game. Rather, it’s a whole movement. A green movement to be precise.