Idealz Overview

Ever heard of Idealz? If you haven’t, then all we can say is you are missing out. Or perhaps we should say you were missing out. This is necessitated by the fact that Idealz is one of the coolest places on the internet today. 

If we are to describe Idealz, the best description will be to say it’s an online marketplace. Based in Dubai, Idealz is an online marketplace that sells a whole lot of goodies mostly electronics, home furniture and luxury cars. If you want anything in the categories exposed above, then you are guaranteed to find a thing of beauty in this marketplace. 

What makes Idealz great arent the cool products it sells. Rather, it’s the mere fact that with each purchase you make – no matter how big or small – you get a free raffle ticket. The ticket you get will allow you to enter the next draw. Note that the raffle ticket you get determines the draw you enter. The bigger the product you purchase, the more lucrative draw you enter. This is similar to Mahzooz, Big sharq and Go Win.

A great thing to note about Idealz is that it does not just give you the chance to share a part of its revenue through the raffle. Rather, it also helps uplift the underprivileged through its school-building initiative in Nepal. With each purchase you make, a portion of your funds are channelled to the initiative. Already, Idealz has completed building one school meaning if you have purchased something at Idealz before, you helped build a school for the less privileged in Nepal! 

How to Play Idealz 

Though Idealz offers a raffle draw, we can’t exactly say you ‘play’ it. This of course necessitated by the fact that you enter the draw automatically as soon as you purchase something at the marketplace. If you don’t have anything you want to buy, you can simply purchase a ‘token’ pencil whose entire purchase price of AED15.00 will be channelled towards good causes. With that pencil purchase, you enter the draw. Once you enter, all that’s left is to wait for the draw date to see if you are the next big winner. 

Idealz Draws and Prizes 

Idealz does have different draws and draw dates. This is necessitated by the fact that participants are entered into different draws depending on the purchases they make. Big purchases have their different draws with big prizes while small purchases have their draws offering relatively lower-priced prizes. 

The lower-priced prizes that participants can win include multiple entries to the next draws and smartphones while the big prizes include cash, gold and top-of-the-range luxury vehicles. 

Payment Methods

All those who would like to partake in the Idealz raffle draw can make purchases using any of the following banking methods:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Other internationally recognised debit and credit cards. 

Round Up 

At Idealz, online shopping is not just that, online shopping. Rather, online shopping is a fun activity which allows you to get your desired product while at the same time allowing you to get a free raffle ticket. This ticket is a golden avenue to win big.