Lottochi Overview

Lottochi is one of the most recognised lotto games in the Middle East. However, this does not mean it operates in this region only, no. Rather, it operates in every corner of the world for as long as the person intending to participate is above the legal age of majority and the jurisdiction s/he is based permits online gambling. Unlike Mahzooz, Lottochi does not accept players from the UAE.

Before we get into much detail about the specifics of Lottochi, the first thing to state is that it is a lotto game with a human feeling at heart. This is necessitated by the fact that a huge portion of all ticket sales are channelled towards goods causes – the financing (of) the treatment costs of difficult and incurable diseases, as well as the livelihood of poor families and cultural training for the growth and optimization of living conditions and Children’s environment. 

Fortunately and also, unfortunately, Lottochi is a crypto-only lotto game. This means if you want to purchase a ticket, you need to have tether (2 USD Tether for one ticket). For those who have or are ‘conversant’ in cryptocurrency, this is not a major issue – it may actually be a blessing. However, for those who rely on fiat currency, this may pose a major challenge. The solace however is that they can use an integrated  Money Exchange, or by using the wallet address (code bar) that appears in the purchase section to acquire the crypto. 

How to Play Lottochi 

Lottochi is a lotto game played simply for a good cause owing to the fact that all ticket purchase sales are channelled towards good causes. When purchasing a ticket, participants don’t just buy an ordinary paper ticket. Rather, they purchase a pencil. Each pencil purchased equates to one lotto ticket. There isn’t any limit as to the lotto tickets one participant can purchase. 

For a complete step-by-step guide, check below:

  • Step 1:  On the landing page, in the main menu, select “Create a Lottochi account” or if you have an account, go to Log In and click on the main menu
  • Step 2: To participate in the lottery,  choose to buy a ticket
  • Step 3: Choose how many pencils you want to donate to charity, each pencil gives you one entry ticket into our weekly raffle
  • Step 4: Choose your 6 lucky numbers for each ticket or simply click to automatically pick random numbers
  • Step 5: You can use to add tickets 
  • Step 6:  After completing your selection, you can choose ‘Next Level’ and add the tickets to the ticket basket.
  • Step 7: Congratulations. You are in the next big lottery and you have a chance to win a big prize that can change your life.

Lottochi Draws and Prizes 

Lottochi draws are conducted monthly. The prizes offered run into millions for the grand prize winners. However, consolation prizes are offered to those who fall narrowly short of getting all numbers correct. 

Payment Methods

All payments at Lutochi are done using cryptocurrency. This, therefore, means participants have to use crypto in purchasing tickets. Those who don’t have crypto however can make use of integrated money exchange platforms to exchange fiat currency for crypto currency.

Round Up 

All in all, Lottochi is an incredible lottery game for players eager to win big bucks. However, owing to the fact that it’s a crypto-only platform, it suits those who are ‘conversant’ in crypto only.