Go Win UAE

Go Win Overview 

Go Win is one of the most popular online lottery draws in the UAE. This lotto is unique in that it allows all participants to engage in a good cause by purchasing handy stuff which include pens. Purchasing the handy stuff will guarantee players entry into the platform’s numerous lottery games. 

Without wasting much of your time, let’s jump into the finer details in this Go Win review and see what is in store. 

Go Win UAE Registration Process 

Before players can start picking their lucky numbers at Go Win, the first thing that they need to do is to set up their account. The good thing is that setting up one’s account is pretty easy. All that players need to do is to follow the steps outlined below. If you do enjoy Go Win, you might also enjoy playing Mahzooz Super Saturday, or one of the draw games from OMillionaire, or Little Draw.

  1. The first step that players need to take is to launch the official site which is available on https://www.gowin.ae/
  2. Once on the landing page, players should navigate to the menu bar on the header tab and click the Register button 
  3. Players are then redirected to the registration page where they need to input the requested info ranging from personal details, mobile phone number, email and residential address. It’s also on this page that players get to choose their preferred security credentials that is the username and password 
  4. The next step is to confirm one’s age and proceed to go through the terms and conditions 
  5. Conclude the process by clicking on the Register button once more. 

Go Win Draw Games 

There are three incredible games that players get to enjoy at Go Win. Namely, these include the following: 

  • Super 6: Super 6 is the more traditional lotto game at Go Win. The game uses the 6/49 format. Simply put, this means when playing the game, players are instructed to pick the six lucky numbers which they think will be drawn during the live draw. Getting all six numbers correct enable players to win the grand prize but falling narrowly short of the target, allowing players to scoop some enterprising consolation prizes.  
  • Fun4:  Go Win does have lotto games that align with modern lotteries. One great example of this is the Fun4 game. With Fun4, the lucky numbers to pick are much reduced but the chance of winning high is further enhanced. 
  • Lucky3: Lucky3 is more similar to Fun4 in that it is a modern variant of lotto games. When playing the game, players are just given the chance to pick three possible lucky numbers which may be picked during the live draw. The mere fact that there are limited numbers to pick means that the odds are much bigger and in turn, the possible payouts are just staggering.  

When are the Go Win Draws Conducted? 

Whether you are playing the Super6, Fun4 or Lucky3 individually or all at once, the draw is conducted every single day at 9 pm (Gulf Standard Time). The draw is conducted and streamed live across several platforms.  

Go Win Deposit Options 

The beauty of Go Win is that it affords players the chance to deposit funds either online or in person. When it comes to the virtual option players just need to access their account, proceed to their ‘My Account’ section and choose the preferred payment method of their choice. Alternatively, players may just visit Go Win kiosks and stores around UAE to purchase pencils and pens among other goodies which enable them to get Go Win lotto tickets. At the physical booths, there is also the added convenience of benefitting from a lot of discount vouchers.   


The prizes for all of Go Win lotto games aren’t static. Rather, they change from day to day depending on the events of the previous draw. The prizes will increase when the main jackpot goes for days without any winner scooping it. at the same time, the prize does decrease when a jackpot winner emerged in the previous draw/s.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1. Where is the live draw for Go Win games conducted? 

The live draw for Go Win games is conducted from the Main Office whose address is Showroom No. 5, Ground Floor, AL Khaimah Building, Port Saeed, Dubai, UAE. 

Q2. How do I purchase a Go Win ticket? 

To purchase a Go Win ticket, players need to purchase merchandise either a pen, pencil or any other thing (minimum purchase amount AED 5). Once done, they can win free raffle tickets for any of the Go Win lotto games.  

Q3. Which games can I win at Go Win? 

At Go Win, players can play any of the following games: Super6, Fun4 or Lucky3.