Dealz Arabia

Dealz Arabia Overview 

Are you a fan of online shopping? Perhaps, when it comes to small stuff such as headphones, pens, and t-shirts you simply opt to order them from home rather than visiting physical retail branches. If this is something you prefer, we have some good news for you. You can do much shopping in the comfort of your own home via the Dealz Arabia platform (mobile app). 

Apart from just enabling users to purchase stuff online, Dealz Arabia also makes it possible for users to enter into raffle draws for the chance to win some massive prizes. The good thing is that you do not need to pay any dedicated raffle price. Rather, all you need to do is to purchase any of the products on sale and in so doing, you automatically earn raffle entry points. The type of product determines the number of points or raffle entries you get. You may even purchase multiple products at once hence guaranteeing multiple raffle entries! They still have a long way to go to catch up to the big guys like Go Win, Mahzooz and Little Draw.

How to Enter Dealz Arabia Raffle Draw 

  1. Step number one is to visit the official Dealz Arabia platform at Users can do this on the desktop or mobile. Those who choose the mobile route have a further option of installing the Dealz Arabia app 
  2. Upon launching the homepage, the next step is to navigate to the menu bar to initiate the registration process by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button 
  3. Once you set up your account, you can check the products on offer as well as the raffle draws that they enable you to enter once you make purchases. Its important on this front to thoroughly check the raffle draw details so you know what you are getting into as well as the top prize you stand a chance of winning if you enter the draw 
  4. When you find the raffle you desire, proceed to purchase the product required for you to enter the draw 
  5. Wait for the raffle draw date to come to see if you are the next big Dealz Arabia winner. 

*Note that when you purchase a product on Dealz Arabia, you will have two options to choose from. One guarantees that you enter the raffle draw while the other does not provide this guarantee. Dealz Arabia summarily explains this as follows: 

“If you purchase a product on the Dealz Arabia App, you will have the option to either: contribute the purchased product to a charity of our (Dealz Arabia) choice. In this case, Dealz Arabia will double your ticket entry into the specified draw so that two tickets under your name will be in the draw or award you with a fixed amount of credit in the form of iPoints, depending on the offer attached to the campaign at the time of your purchase; or opt not to contribute the purchased product to charity and instead, either wish to collect the purchased product or pay an additional fee to have the purchased product delivered to a UAE based address of your choice by a delivery partner of our choice”.  

Dealz Arabia Draws 

Dealz Arabia does run various raffle draws simultaneously. This, therefore, means the draw times for these raffles all differ. It’s important therefore to check the Dealz Arabia platform/app to see the current draws.  

Dealz Arabia Prizes 

Just as there are multiple raffle draws running simultaneously, participants also ought to note that the draws do offer distinct prizes. Participants, therefore, need to check the draw details to see the prizes for each draw. For the majority part, these come in the form of cash prizes but at times, participants can also scoop electronic gadget prizes, cars, dream holidays or even houses! 

Dealz Arabia Charity 

Dealz Arabia states that the proceeds from the participants who purchase products but opt to contribute the purchased product to a charity of Dealz Arabia’s choice will indeed be channelled towards good causes. It’s not explicitly stated however which charities Dealz Arabia sponsor.  

Dealz Arabia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is Dealz Arabia a legit raffle draw platform/app?

Yes, Dealz Arabia is a legit raffle draw platform/app which is regulated and supervised by the Dubai Economic Department. 

  • Which countries does Dealz Arabia operate in? 

Dealz Arabia has a global presence for those who purchase products and proceed to contribute the purchased product to a charity of the platform’s choice. Participants who choose this route will enter the draw regardless of their country of residence. However, those who purchase the products on sale and opt not to contribute the purchased products to a charity of Dealz Arabia’s choice will need to be residing in Dubai for them to collect their products at Dealz Arabia outlets or to have the products delivered to them.  

  • Which products can one purchase at Dealz Arabia to enter the raffle draw? 

To enter the Dealz Arabia raffle draws, participants can purchase any of the following: pens, headphones or t-shirts.