Dream Draw UAE

Do you love online shopping? If you do, then we recommend that you place your trust in Dream Draw when doing your online shopping. The reason why we say this is that every purchase you make at Dream Draw earns you a raffle ticket. This therefore means you don’t just get the product you were looking for but you also enter in the running to win some cool raffle prizes. 

While on the one hand Dream Draw is an online shop, on the other hand, it also operates as a lottery platform. This is necessitated by the fact that you can purchase some lotto tickets and, in the process, proceed to pick your lucky numbers. Of course, if your numbers align with those that are picked during the draw, then you stand a chance of winning big. This is one of the smaller draw games, like Little Draw and O Millionaire.

Well, to learn more about this online shop cum raffle gaming platform cum lottery platform, you simply need to check out the comprehensive guide below.  

Dream Draw as a Raffle Gaming Platform 

At Dream Draw, you can purchase a wide variety of stuff ranging from the latest fashion trends to home essentials and cutting-edge electronics. The innovativeness of the Dream Draw online shop is that every product you purchase allows you to earn a raffle ticket. The ticket in turn allows you to enter in the running to win a raffle prize. 

Note that the different raffle products have distinct raffle campaigns. As such, when making your purchase, it is recommended to check the details for that product’s specific raffle campaign. In doing so, you will know when the draw is going to take place hence keep track of the day you may become a lucky winner! Also, checking the product’s specific raffle campaign details allows you to know the potential prize you stand to win if chosen as the lucky winner. 

With each raffle entry you get after purchasing a product of your choice, you also get an automatic entry into the Super Draw. In the Super Draw, you stand a chance of winning some incredible prizes including top-of-the-range cars or dream vacations to exotic destinations.  

Dream Draw as a Lottery Platform   

Dream Draw also gives you the chance to win some life-changing monetary prizes. To give yourself the chances of winning, you need to play Dream Draw’s lottery game. The steps to follow in accessing and playing the Dream Draw lottery game are as follows: 

  1. Visit the official Dream Draw website first 
  2. Register for an account or if you already have one, access your account portal by clicking the Login button on the header tab 
  3. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button on the header tab and opt for the ‘Main Product’
  4. Select the quantity of meal you want to purchase. Note that each meal you purchase adds one line to the dream draw lotto and increases your chances of winning 
  5. Proceed to pick your 9 lucky numbers in the sequence of your choice per line. Note that you can enter multiple lines at once. There is also the option of using the ‘Random Pick’ to allow the system to automatically select numbers on your behalf 
  6. Select the type of draw and click ‘Next’. On this front, note that ‘Current Draw’ means entering the immediate and upcoming draw while ‘Multiple Upcoming Draws’ allows you to enter your selected lines in numerous upcoming draws 
  7. Proceed to pay for your ticket. Here, you can either use your credit (account) balance or pay using a debit/credit card
  8. Check your email to see if you have received a confirmation from Dream Draw that confirms entry into the draw
  9. Wait for the draw to see if you are a lucky winner.  

Draw Dates 

When it comes to the Dream Draw raffle games, it’s important to note that the draw is conducted if the stipulated draw date arrives or if all the products (for the specific campaign) are sold out – whichever is earlier. 

To stay in the loop about the exact draw date and time for the Dream Draw lotto game, simply launch the official website and check out the real-time draw timer. 

Draw Prizes 

For the Dream Draw raffle games, players win different prizes depending on the raffle campaign they entered. The prizes range from cash to electronics. For the Super Raffle game, players stand a chance of winning top-of-the-range cars or vacations to exotic destinations. 

For the Dream Draw lotto game, prizes are paid depending upon the number of correct numbers matched as illustrated below.

Matching Numbers Prize
9 matching numbers USD 2,700,000
8 matching numbers USD 270,000
7 matching numbers USD 27,000
6 matching numbers USD 2,700
5 matching numbers USD 270
4 matching numbers USD 170
3 matching numbers USD 150 
2 matching numbers USD 15

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How much does each Dream Draw main product cost? 

To play the Dream Draw lotto game, players need to purchase each meal which equates to one entry for AED 5. 

Q2. Can I receive the product that I purchased? 

Yes, you can collect the product you purchased from the Dream Draw Main Office. 

Q3. What payment methods does Dream Draw accept? 

Dream Draw accepts Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.