One of the most beautiful things that you can do for yourself is to share the little that you have with those in need. The beauty of sharing is that you aren’t the only one who benefits but also the recipient. Owing to tough schedules, it may be difficult to identify those most in need. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t give. Rather, you can place your trust in platforms such as Fazuu, an online platform that allows you to share just a little of your money with the less fortunate. Interested in this, then you need to continue reading this Fazuu review to learn how you can go about this. They are new, similar to BigSharq and O! Millionaire.

Just for more motivation, when you share the little you have at Fazuu UAE, you stand a chance of entering a raffle draw for the chance to win various massive prizes including also lump sum cash prizes!  

Fazuu UAE Overview 

Fazuu UAE is an online raffle platform that’s accessible and open to anyone and everyone from all corners of the world – albeit those above the legal age of majority. Those who visit the platform and proceed to enter the raffle draws stand a chance of winning various prizes which include expensive wristwatches, the latest smartphones as well as cold hard cash! There isn’t need to worry about anything at Fazuu as the platform is regulated and supervised by the Dubai Economic Department as well as the Dubai Economy & Tourism. 

How to Enter the Fazuu UAE Raffle Draw 

  1. The first step that prospective participants need to take is to visit the official Fazuu site at https://fazuu.ae/. Participants ought to note that the platform is compatible with mobile devices hence they can access the site on their mobile devices if they so wish. Of course, the platform is also accessible on the desktop 
  2. Upon landing on the homepage, players should register their account
  3. Once one’s account is up and running, the next step is to choose the raffle to enter. Various raffles run simultaneously all the time hence participants need to choose the one they desire dependent on entry requirements and possible prizes 
  4. After one decides on the raffle to enter, the next step is to purchase the water bottle/s required to enable one to stand as one of the raffle participants 
  5. Note that this step is not compulsory but still important. After purchasing the water bottle/s, participants can enhance their chances of winning during the raffle draw by referring their friends to Fazuu. The more friends referred, the greater one’s chances of winning
  6. After satisfying all of the above, all that’s left is to wait for the draw to see if you become the next big Fazuu winner. 

Fazuu Draws 

Fazuu does run several draws. Most of these however run monthly. It’s recommended that participants check the raffle draw details first before they enter the running for the top prize. 

Fazuu Prizes 

A Fazuu water bottle which enables participants to enter into the Fazuu Draw goes for AED50. This small price can in return hugely reward participants if their names are picked during the draw. Fazuu prizes range from expensive watches, and the latest electronic gadgets to cold hard cash. 

Fazuu Charity 

Every bottle that participants purchase will see its proceeds channelled towards good humanitarian causes. On the Fazuu website, it’s written that “Suqia UAE is an entity under the umbrella of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation. Suqia UAE is a non-profit organisation that provides humanitarian aid around the world and helps communities that suffer from water scarcity by providing them with portable water”. 

Fazuu Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the customer support platforms open to Fazuu participants?

The customer support platforms that participants at Fazuu can use include email (info@fazuu.ae) or social media handles (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter). 

  • Which countries does Fazuu operate in? 

Fazuu does operate globally. However, only those above the age of 18 are permitted to participate in the raffle draws. 

  • If I win non-cash prizes, can I exchange the prize for hard cash? 

Yes, Fazuu allows all participants who win non-cash prizes to exchange them for hard cash.