Go Win UAE Draw Games

At Go Win, one of UAE’s flagship lottery draw games, players can enjoy a whole host of highly exciting and enterprising lotto games. These games have proved highly popular amongst a lot of players owing to two main reasons. First, they are highly rewarding hence when players get all numbers correct, they are guaranteed to scoop some mouth-watering payouts. 

Second, when looking to purchase tickets for the games, players do purchase merchandise which include pens and pencils. For purchasing the merchandise, players win raffle tickets that enable them to partake in any of the offered games. At the same time however, the money from the merchandise purchases is donated and channelled towards a good cause hence it’s safe to say that Go Win not only makes millionaires but it helps improve and uplift the lives of the most vulnerable in society.  

Well, away from the good things that Go Win does, let’s get to explore in detail all the games offered on this platform. The other popular UAE Draw games include Mahzooz and Little Draw.

How to play Go Win Draw Games

Once players access the Go Win platform, they stand a chance of participating in three highly exciting and enterprising lotto games. Namely, these include the following:  

  • Super 6: Super 6 is the more traditional lotto game at Go Win. The game uses the 6/49 format. Simply put, this means when playing the game, players are instructed to pick the six lucky numbers which they think will be drawn during the live draw. Getting all six numbers correct enable players to win the grand prize but falling narrowly short of the target, allowing players to scoop some enterprising consolation prizes.  
  • Fun4:  Go Win does have lotto games that align with modern lotteries. One great example of this is the Fun4 game. With Fun4, the lucky numbers to pick are much reduced but the chance of winning high is further enhanced. 
  • Lucky3: Lucky3 is more similar to Fun4 in that it is a modern variant of lotto games. When playing the game, players are just given the chance to pick three possible lucky numbers which may be picked during the live draw. The mere fact that there are limited numbers to pick means that the odds are much bigger and in turn, the possible payouts are just staggering

The beauty of any of the games listed above is that they all have daily draws. As such, every single day, all players who purchase their tickets stand a chance of winning thousands of dirhams. 

Round Up 

All the games offered at Go Win are highly exciting and enterprising. Players eager to enjoy any of them can grab their tickets either online or in person by simply purchasing the different merchandise on sale. Once players grab their tickets, they can proceed to pick their lucky numbers and stand a chance of winning big. What’s most impressive about all the games at Go Win is that they have daily draws hence on any single day all players who purchase tickets stands a chance of winning big.