Golden Draw UAE

One of the top online raffles in the UAE is Golden Draw. Well, we just say ‘in the UAE’ owing to the fact that that’s where the raffle originates from. However, even if you aren’t based in the UAE, you can still enjoy the raffle games at Golden Draw. Of course, provided that you have attained the age of 18 and reside in a jurisdiction where online gambling is permitted. Golden Draw is competing against Little Draw, O Millionaire and Big Ticket.

One of the most impressive things about the Golden Draw raffle game is that it has a human side to it. A portion of the money that players use to purchase raffle tickets is channelled towards supporting the Stray Dogs Centre (SDC). SDC was established in 2013 to rescue, rehabilitate and provide homes to dogs, donkeys and cats. SDC has a team of 26 permanent staff and 100 volunteers who also benefit from the funds. As such, if you are looking to enjoy a great raffle game while at the same time helping towards a good cause, then Golden Draw is great for you. 

To learn more about Golden Draw, you simply need to check out the comprehensive guide below.  

How Golden Draw Works 

Golden Draw is a raffle game in which players participate after they purchase pen sets. Each pen set equates to one raffle ticket. Upon purchasing the pen set/s, players automatically enter into the next (upcoming) draw. During the draw, random winners are picked among all the contesting participants. The draw is random and completely unbiased meaning all participants have equal chances of emerging as the winners. Of course, those with multiple entries (tickets) will increase their chances of winning.  

How to Enter and Play Golden Draw Raffle 

The steps to enter and play the Golden Draw raffle game are illustrated below. 

  1. Start by launching the official Golden Draw website
  2. Register for an account. If you are already a member, then you simply need to login to access your account portal 
  3. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button on the header tab 
  4. Purchase the number of pen sets you want bearing in mind that each set costs AED 10 and guarantees you one ticket. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase 
  5. Complete the transaction using your account balance or a debit/credit card 
  6. Wait for the draw date and time to see if you are a winner or not.  

Draw Dates 

One of the best attributes of Golden Draw is that it has a draw date and time countdown timer. The timer is visibly displayed on the main page of the website. As such, to stay in the loop about the next upcoming draw, you simply need to launch the official website.  

Draw Prizes 

Golden Draw offers three main prizes to three lucky winners who are picked randomly during the draw. The prize are as follows: 

  • The grand prize winner receives AED 100,000.00! 
  • The first runner-up receives AED 20,000.00 
  • The second runner-up receives AED 5,000.00. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is Golden Draw a legit raffle platform? 

Yes, Golden Draw is a legit raffle platform as all its draws are regulated and supervised by the Dubai DED (Department of Economic Development).  

Q2. How many entries can I get in the monthly draw? 

Players can get as many entries as they want as there is no limit to the number of pen sets that one can buy.  

Q3. What payment methods does Golden Draw accept? 

Players at Golden Draw can load their accounts using any debit/credit card. Note however that all transactions are debited in UAE Dirhams (AED).