Mahzooz Draw Games

Mahzooz is one of the most popular lottery games in the UAE. Well, it also ranks highly in the world as it accepts players from all jurisdictions across the world. While the game is notorious for offering huge grand prizes as well as consolation prizes, one of its main attributes which have catapulted it to stardom is its human nature. 

Players at Mahzooz do not necessarily purchase lotto tickets. Rather, those who want to enter the draw do purchase water bottles! Each bottle goes for AED 35. Upon purchasing the water bottle, the bottle isn’t shipped to the player but rather, the purchase price is donated and channelled towards a good cause to the underprivileged. What players get in return for the amount they use to purchase the water bottle is entry into two Mahzooz games that is, Fantastic Friday and Super Saturday. In this article, we are going to explore in detail what these games entail and how you can start playing them. 

Games Offered by Mahzooz 

There are two games that players get to enjoy at Mahzooz. The beauty of Mahzooz is that once you purchase a ticket (water bottle), you get direct entries to both games! With one ticket, you have the chance to win two lotto jackpots! Namely, the two games available at Mahzooz are Fantastic Friday as well as Super Saturday. 

  • Fantastic Friday: Fantastic Friday is a 6/39 lotto game. On one line, players are required to pick their six lucky numbers from the 39 presented. A top prize of AED 10 million is awarded for getting all six numbers correct. However, those who fall short by just one or two numbers are eligible for consolation prizes. Players ought to note that it’s possible to play multiple lines at once. 
  • Super Saturday: Super Saturday is a 5/49 game. This, therefore, means on each line; players are required to pick their 5 lucky numbers from the 49 presented. The top prize for getting all 5 numbers correct is AED 10 million. However, those who fall narrowly short do benefit from consolation prizes. Players can play more than one line at once. 

Both these games have weekly draws. The draw for Fantastic Friday is conducted every Friday while the one for Super Saturday is conducted every Saturday. On the draw dates, players can catch the live draw on the official site that is,

How to Play the Games 

Playing any of the Mahzooz games is quite easy. All that players need to do is to access their accounts. Proceed to load some funds in their accounts if they do not already have a positive balance. Once done, purchase a water bottle (or more depending on the number of lines the player wants to play at once). Having done this, for the Fantastic Friday, players have to pick their 6 lucky numbers from the 39 presented while for the Super Saturday, they have to pick five numbers from the 49 presented. After generating the ticket, all that’s left is to wait for the draw to see if the lucky numbers picked will correspond to the drawn numbers. 

Game Rules 

  • Players can play Mahzooz games only if they have attained the age of 18 
  • When playing outside of UAE, players are only eligible for Mahzooz games if the laws in their jurisdiction permit online gambling activities 
  • A raffle ID is awarded for each line the player plays 
  • Entries received after 20:30 hours (Gulf Standard Time) on the applicable draw day or any other time or day determined by us will be disqualified.