How to Play Little Draw

Little Draw which is also widely known as the Lucky Draw is a popular draw from the United Arab Emirates, what makes this draw popular is the fact that punters have a higher chance of winning when they play this game as they only need to match 3 numbers for them to win the ultimate prize. To be honest, the Little Draw is not as lucrative as other international draws but it is still worth playing as you can win up to AED 30,000.00, not only that, you also get an additional free Entry to enter into another Raffle Draw to win a Grand Prize of up to AED 1.0 Million. Please note that you can purchase and participate in the Little Draw online by creating an account on the online platform, or through any of the company’s registered vendors. There is a total of 4 draws namely;

Little Draw Mai Blue Bottled Water 250ml

Little Draw Mai Blue Bottled Water 500ml

Little Draw Mai Blue Bottled Water 1250ml

Little Draw Mai Blue Bottled Water 2500ml

Little Draw is part of a campaign by Little Draw Beverages Trading L.L.C whereby the customer buys and donate bottled water to charities, and if the customer chooses he has the option to enter into a ball game and raffle game.

Little Draw Beverages Trading L.L.C has 4 types of bottled drinking water to purchase 250 ml for AED 10, 500 ml for AED 20, 1250 ml (bundle of 2 bottles 500 ml + 1 bottle 250 ml) for AED 50, 2500 ml (bundle of 5 bottles 500 ml) for AED 100.

How to Register on the Little Draw website?

If you wish to play the Little Draw online, you need to Sign Up for an online betting account and you can do so by following the simple instructions below:

  • Visit the official Little Draw website at
  • Click on the blue ‘Sign Up’ button
  • You will be presented with a registration form with the following details;
  • Full Name (As Per Passport/ID) *
  • Mobile No * 
  • Email ID *
  • Building Name
  • Country *
  • State / Emirates * 
  • Area / District * 
  • Password
  • Click on the box to confirm that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click on the red ‘Sign Up’ button to complete registration process.

How to play the draws on Little Draw?

We have already established that there is a total of four draws, in order for you to play the Little Draw, you must:

Purchase any type of water and this will allow the purchaser the optional entry to participate into a draw

You then need to select 3 digits number between “0” and “9”, please note that your number can be repeated. Below is how the prizes will be distrubuted;

The Participant who matches with the draw results number as straight order will be announced as a 1st Prize Winner.

The Participant who matches with the draw results number as reverse order will be announced as a 2nd Prize Winner.

The Participant who matches with the draw results number as mixed order will be announced as a 3rd Prize Winner.

What are the prizes for the draws?

It is important to note that the the four draws have different ticket categories as well as different prizes which are listed below; 

Ticket Category         1st Prize           2nd Prize 3rd Prize Grand Prize

AED100 (5 x 500ml bottles)         AED30000/-    AED3000/-       AED1000/- AED 1 Million

AED50 (2 x 500ml bottles & 1 x 250ml)        AED15000/-    AED1500/-       AED500/- AED 500 000

AED20 (1 x 500ml)                                      AED6000/-      AED600/-         AED200/- AED 200 000

AED10 (1 x 250ml)                       AED3000/-      AED300/-        AED100/- AED 100 000

What are the draw times for the Little Draw?

Please note that Little Draw is drawn each and every Monday at 9pm UAE Time, these draws are conducted under the supervision of DET (Dubai Economy & Tourism).

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