Mahzooz Bahrain

There are literally dozens, well, maybe hundreds of lotteries all around the globe. Most of these promises players millions of prize money every single draw. However, some can go for months or even years without winners emerging. Now, imagine playing a lottery which guarantees that for every single draw, at least one million will be won. Will you consider such a lottery? This really is a no-brainer as most if not everyone will opt for such a lottery. Well, such a lottery exists and it goes by the name Mahzooz

Mahzooz is originally a UAE lottery. However, it can be accessed and enjoyed by players from all over the world including those in Bahrain. If you would love to give this lottery a try in the hope that you become the next guaranteed jackpot winner, all you need is to continue reading this guide which illustrates the step-by-step guide on accessing and playing Mahzooz in Bahrain. 

Play Mahzooz in Bahrain 

  1. The first thing required when looking to access the Mahzooz lottery for players based in Bahrain is to visit the official website available at
  2. When the Mahzooz homepage launches. Players should proceed to login into their accounts. Those that haven’t set up their accounts yet can easily do so by clicking the Register button and proceed to follow all the registration prompts provided 
  3. Once you enter your account, click the ‘Play’ button on the header tab and from the drop-down list that emerges, click the ‘Buy Now’ button 
  4. Select the number of products (often water bottles) you wish to purchase. Note that each product you purchase corresponds to one weekly lottery ticket and an automatic entry to the grand jackpot. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase. In fact, the more products you purchase, the higher the chances of winning 
  5. From the lottery number grid, pick your five lucky numbers 
  6. Add your ticket selections to your cart 
  7. Proceed to click the ‘Checkout’ button to pay for your ticket/s
  8. Take a back seat, wait and watch as the draw is conducted to see if you are a winner or not. Note that the draw is conducted live every Saturday at 9:00 pm UAE time.  

Other countries you can play Mahzooz

Mahzooz Bahrain Ticket Prices 

Each product on sale at Mahzooz that allows players to gain one ticket entry into the weekly draw costs 3.6 Bahraini Dinar.   

Mahzooz Bahrain Payment Methods 

Players based in Bahrain can only fund their accounts using online payment methods. The online payment methods they can use include: 

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 
  • Debit Cards 

Top Winners from Bahrain

It was a case of first-time first luck for Arun Makkoth, a 36-year-old Indian expat working in Bahrain who won BD 51,000 in his first dance with the Mahzooz lottery. Speaking after his win, Arun said that win will help him realise his wish of running his own business. 

“My only dream was to make enough money to run my own business and live with my family back home in Thrissur, Kerala in India. My Mahzooz winnings will definitely help me achieve my dream.”