Mahzooz Qatar

Mahzooz is arguably the most popular lottery in UAE. Its popularity however in recent times has extended beyond the UAE borders. The lottery’s popularity is largely necessitated by the fact that it offers some of the biggest and most frequent payouts. The lottery is designed in such a way that big winners are guaranteed in each draw. Millionaire winners are also guaranteed throughout the year hence all those who give the lottery a try have a good shot of becoming instant millionaires. 

Apart from offering big and frequent payouts, Mahzooz also has a human feel to it. this is necessitated by the fact that it allows players to purchase products in return for lottery tickets. The products that players purchase are then donated to the less privileged. Players based in Qatar can freely access and play the Mahzooz lottery. The steps to accessing the lottery are exposed below.  

Other countries you can play Mahzooz

Play Mahzooz in Qatar 

  1. is the site that players based in Qatar need to visit when they want to access Mahzooz lottery 
  2. Once the website loads, players should proceed to login into their accounts. To do this, simply click the login button and enter the security credentials. Those who haven’t registered their accounts yet will need to undertake the registration process. The process is straightforward and takes place in just a few minutes 
  3. The next step is to click the ‘Play’ button on the header tab and from the drop-down list that emerges, click the ‘Buy Now’ button 
  4. Select the number of water bottles you wish to purchase. Note that each water bottle you purchase corresponds to one weekly lottery ticket and an automatic entry to the grand jackpot. There is no limit to the number of tickets players can purchase. In fact, the more water bottles you purchase, the higher the chances of winning 
  5. As a 5/49 lottery game, you need to pick your five lucky numbers from the number grid presented 
  6. Add the lines to your cart 
  7. To complete the process, click the ‘Checkout’ button to pay for your ticket/s
  8. All that’s left at this point is to wait for the draw to see if you are a winner or not. The draw is conducted live every Saturday at 9:00 pm UAE time.  

Mahzooz Qatar Ticket Prices 

The price for each product that’s on sale at Mahzooz is 34.7 Qatari riyal. 

Mahzooz Qatar Payment Methods 

The supported payment methods that players can use to fund their Mahzooz accounts include: 

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 
  • Debit Cards 

Top Winners from Qatar 

Just recently, a 41-year-old mother of Indian origin but based in Qatar became the fifth guaranteed millionaire in Mahzooz’s 123rd draw. The mother who goes by the name Rinza won one million dirhams under Mahzooz’s new prize structure in the process becoming the second female recipient of the one million prizes.  

Rinza who has been living in Qatar for the past 18 years said she “couldn’t believe it” when she received an email from Mahzooz.